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Intelligent Postal Compliance Tool

Compliance has never been more important than it is today. Being compliant reduces risk to your business, it also empowers personal that you engage daily.

iPACT has been designed specifically for the logistics industry and puts the power at your fingertips by providing full transparency of your workforce.

Smart App Based Solution delivers to your business a seamless approach to managing the day to day operational requirments


Functionality includes:

Contract Management – legal documents held securely

Induction – self paced induction providing visibility and accountability for the onboarding process.

Vehicle Management – assigning and managing vehicles, the ability to capture photos of the vehicle ensuring there is no confusion for repairs. Vehicle checks and servicing schedule provides real time information to manage your fleet.

Customer Enquiries – ability to discuss remotely any issues that need attention, providing a timely response improving the customer experience.

WAHR – this is an essential tool to managing your business successfully,  the system will translate WAHR into meaningful information in 30 seconds. This provides you with significant time savings and confidence the information presented to contractors is accurate. Other benefits include assigning expenses/deductions at any stage through the month. Creates tax invoices improving compliance for all parties involved.  

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